Groodle Love

The Perfect Family Companion

Groodle Love

The Perfect Family Companion

Happy Go Puppy Groodles

Groodles are a hybrid breed of dog, which is a mix of Poodle and Golden Retriever. Like most dogs with Poodles in the mix, they hardly shed or smell.

As Groodles have the nature of a Golden Retriever and the combined intelligence of a Poodle they make an excellent family dog. They are easy to groom and care for and are generally very loving, happy, and friendly with everybody.

Groodles require regular exercise and mental stimulation. They thrive being involved in your daily or family activities as they are dependent on their owners. Daily walks, trips with the family to the park or beach, going out for coffee, or watching the kids play their sports are just a few of the activities they enjoy being involved with. They enjoy being a part of the family and don’t particularly enjoy being left behind.

Due to Groodles’ willingness to please and high-level intelligence, they are generally an easy dog to train who love to obey your commands. Groodles can be a very well behaved family companion with the right training.

Physical appearances can vary with Groodles due to the mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle. Their hair can be long and shaggy or short and curly and come in a variety of colours. There are generally three sizes that Groodles come in – mini, midi, and medium.

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About Happy Go Puppy Groodles

Happy Go Puppy have been breeding Groodles since 2018. Due to our love of Groodles and the benefits they have among other breeds of dogs we not only exclusively breed Groodles but we are also registered with Bass Coast Shire Council to ensure we comply with all Federal and Local regulations, including Victorian State Government Code of Practice for the Operation and Rearing Businesses (2014).

We are a family-owned and operated breeding establishment who ensure that our puppies go home to good families. All of our dogs are associated with children, the elderly, and everyone else in between and are much loved members of our family.

A Litter of Puppies - Happy Go Puppy Groodles

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Thank you, Erin, and Happy Go Puppies for our beautiful Millie.  When we chose Millie, Erin initially sent us short videos so we could see what a little rascal we were getting. Erin then allowed us to visit with her several times prior to taking her home with so that we could bond with her.  It became quickly evident that Erin is a very caring and knowledgeable breeder.  Her main focus is the long-term happiness and welfare of her puppies.  

After having lost our Cavalier, Rosie, we thought nothing could replace her.  We were certainly wrong.  Our darling Millie has been the most wonderful addition to our family.  She brings us so much joy.

During our regular vet check-ups, our vet constantly comments on how good and solid Millie’s bone structure is, especially her knees.  She has a wonderful stance and brilliant teeth.  Millie is a highly intelligent puppy, quick to learn and easy to train.  She has a loving and gentle personality; coupled with a cheeky and energetic playful nature.  She loves to run and play fetch.

We highly recommend Erin and Happy Go Puppies to anyone that is seriously looking for a well-bred and healthy puppy.  Two of our friends have also bought puppies from Erin after seeing how wonderful Millie is.

Keep up the good work.

Andie and Stewart

We had a fantastic experience purchasing our puppy, Ralph, from Erin at Happy Go Puppy. Not only was the communication prior to collecting our new family member extensive and warm including photos, videos, and face time calls, the communication afterward from his health and welfare to toy recommendations and tips on how to keep him still for a photo was also so impressive. Ralph is a smart, playful but gentle Groodle who has toilet trained and learned other commands very very quickly. He loves to be around our children and be part of the family and will retrieve a ball for as long as you will throw it for him. We would not hesitate to recommend Happy Go Puppy and in fact, have done so to friends!  

Candice Perus

RSPCA Donation

We proudly support the RSPCA. For every sale, we donate a portion of the proceeds to RSPCA