There is a lot of literature regarding desexing your pet, but there is a big debate as to when you should desex them. The RSPCA released a research report, “Early Age Desexing of Dogs and Cats” (2010)(click here to read this article), regarding early age desexing (before 5.5 months). They state it is a practice that primarily occurs in animal shelters and is relatively uncommon in private practices. Within the article, they outline the benefits of early-age desexing and explain the process. However, there is evidence from Torres de la Riva, Hart, Farver, et. al.,(2013)(click here to read this article) that early age desexing in Golden Retrievers has the potential to cause a greater risk of hip dysplasia, and lymphosarcoma, for dogs who underwent early age desexing. It is worth reading both of these reports and have a discussion with your vet with regards as to when to have your dog desexed.

Please keep in mind that we offer a $100.00 desexing voucher if you have your puppy desexed within the first 12 months of its life.