Why Groodles

Groodles are a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They are often described as “shaggy teddy bears” and come in a variety of colours and sizes depending on their parents. 

Coat colours include golden, black, cream, red, and brown, and with or without markings in these colours which causes Groodles to vary significantly. The ears flop down and the tail sits high and fluffy above their back. They can have longer, shaggy-haired versions or a shorter, curlier hair type.

Groodles are an extremely social breed and are best paired with individuals or families who enjoy providing them with the companionship and stimulation that they deserve. They can be curious and mischievous in the most loveable way. Their carefree character is highly sought after. Most Groodles are highly adaptable and blend easily with existing families and households including children and existing pets.

Groodles appreciate a good burst of daily exercise and thus enjoy living in the country and in the city where they can run around. The midi and medium Groodles are not ideally suited for an apartment but a mini would be quite suitable. Groodles have their own unique personalities which will match perfectly with people who have a less active lifestyle and those who are very energetic. 

Visiting the beach, playing in the water, or simply playing in the backyard with their family with back yard hose are just a few of the activities Groodles love to do. Our team at Happy Go Puppy Groodles will always try to match you and your lifestyle with a suitable puppy so you can enjoy your lives together.

Groodle Personality and Temperament

Training Groodles are fairly easy. They aim to please the people in their lives and live to learn new things. Due to the breed’s high intelligence, they thrive in obedience and agility classes and benefit from early puppy training. They are not known as an aggressive dog although some are good “watch-dogs”. Groodles are a great match for first-time pet owners who are willing to provide them with the appropriate mental stimulation and training. To reduce any undesired or fearful behaviours, Groodles, like most breeds, require adequate and appropriate socialisation.

Groodles are a non-aggressive breed that wants to be part of family activities and family love. They are a highly intelligent breed that will make every attempt possible to fit in with their new family. They are also very driven by praise and food rewards. These personality traits make Groodles easy to train. Due to their breeding and temperament, Groodles are excellent companion dogs. Groodles have been trained in many different roles such as therapy dogs and service dogs of all kinds, working with people who have special needs of all ages. They also have been trained as seeing-eye dogs (guide dogs). Anticipating their owner’s needs and understanding both human and animal body language and non-verbal cues are just a few of the traits that make Groodles a great pet.

Groodle Maintenance

As previously mentioned, Groodles are an active breed that enjoys participating in physical activities with their families. But this can vary due to their size. As a standard size Groodle, they are considered a “large” dog and can have a “lazy attitude” like most larger breeds when left to their own devices. Whereas the medium and miniature Groodles are naturally more energetic dogs.

All Groodle puppies will need their own safe space as well as a time and place to release their pent up energy. By developing healthy habits with your puppy you will be developing your Groodle into a healthy and happy adult.

Groodles can either have a wool coat or a fleece depending on their heritage. As they are not a shedding breed of dogs their coats will require maintenance. It will depend on the length of the coat that you prefer as to how often you would need to groom them. Their first grooming can occur around the six-month mark but after that, you will need to decide how long and shaggy you would like their coat. 

If you would prefer a short cropped look then grooming every six weeks will achieve the desired outcome. If you would prefer a longer shaggy look then you may decide to groom your Groodle at longer intervals.

One other trait that is of particular interest is that a Groodle is considered to be hypoallergenic. Due to the genetic makeup of a Poodle, Groodles are considered to be low shedding and thus produce less dander and hair for the allergy sufferers. A hypoallergenic dog is one that sheds less dander, fur, and hair, and the allergic people feel comfortable with them.

Groodle Health

As with most breeds of dogs, there are some genetic diseases and conditions that Groodles are susceptible too. These include hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, van Willebrand’s disease, gastric dilation-volvulus (bloat), and in particular Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). As a professional breeder, the genetics of your breeding dogs need to be tested and are at the highest level to ensure that the heritage of good genes are passed onto the pups. An independent DNA test can help identify any genetic diseases and conditions and thus is a vital step in the breeding process.

Both Poodles and Golden Retrievers are susceptible to PRA and only show symptoms when they are adult dogs but can be identified through DNA testing. PRA is an inherited eye disease that slowly causes an adult dog to go blind. You are unable to identify this disease as a pup through a standard veterinarian check and hence why DNA Testing has become an important part of any professional breeder.

As a professional breeder, Happy Go Puppy Groodles want to ensure that you live a long and happy life with your Groodle so we ensure that all of our Mum’s and Dad’s are in the best possible health. Generally speaking, Groodles have a life expectancy of 12 – 15 years but as with many well cared for Groodles they can easily extend their lifespan. 

Groodle Generations

It may seem a little confusing when dealing with codes such as F1, F2, and F2b for example, but it’s relatively simple. Below you’ll find four generational types for a Groodle.

F1 Groodle: F1 means first generation Groodle and is a cross between a 100% pure Poodle and a 100% pure Golden Retriever. This will mean they will be 50% Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever. They are generally the healthiest in all the Groodle generations as well as intelligent, loving, and highly hypoallergenic.

F1b Groodle: F1b means it’s a cross between a F1 Groodle and a 100% Poodle. This will mean they are 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. F1b is generally considered better than F1 for its hypoallergenic qualities. If you are particularly allergic to dog hair and dander than a F1b Groodle is an ideal breed for you.

F2 Groodle: F2 means it is a second generation Groodle (two F1 Groodles breeds together). They are not much different from a F1 dog and are a great family dog especially for those that have allergies.

F2b Groodle: F2b may be a mixture of any of the above generations breed together, ie, F1 breed with an F2. They are still considered to be hypoallergenic but their appearance may vary greatly.

Pros and Cons of a Groodle

There are several pros and cons to be considered before getting a Groodle. You’ll find a list below.

Pro Con
Hypoallergenic coat – They usually inherit their coat from Poodles which is a low-shedding and ideal for owners with allergies. Daily exercise required – Daily exercise may help prevent bad habits such as chewing and being destructive (which generally comes from boredom).
Highly social – They are generally friendly to kids, other pets and even strangers which makes them a great fit for families. Not suited for small apartments – In particular large sized Groodles would not be a good fit for an apartment. They would prefer at least the open space of a backyard or courtyard.
Easy to train – Due to their intelligence Groodles pick up commands quickly and are easy to train. Separation anxiety – May become destructive and aggressive if left alone for too long.
Couch dog – Groodles love to sit back on the couch with their owners. Love the water – Loving the water isn’t the negative, it’s usually what comes after. When wet they can make a big mess and sometimes will acquire ear infections as their ears do not dry out easily. The wet hair can sometimes cause allergic reactions for those with allergies.
Exercise partner – Will give you company whilst you are exercises or other activities.
Easy to maintain – Even though they have a “shaggy” appearance they are relatively easy to maintain when performed on a regular basis (ie every six weeks for the shorter style).

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