Meet Our Family

Our breeding dogs are a part of our family. Take a look at our family album. To us, each and every one of our dogs are a part of our family.


Generation – F1 Groodle
Colour – Apricot
Size – Small
Height – Approximately 48cm to the tip of the shoulder
Weight – Approximately 20kg
DNA Tested – Yes
Temperament – Buttercup is an incredibly loyal and protective dog. She is happy to play and have a sniff but prefers to be cuddled. She loves playing fetch and loves chasing the ball.


Generation – F1 Groodle
Colour – black/grey
Size – Medium
Height – Approximately 44cm to the tip of the shoulder
Weight – Approximately 15kg
DNA Tested – Yes
Temperament – Gypsy carries a lot of Golden Retriever in her personality. She loves cuddles but loves puddles more. ANy chance she has she will get wet. She prefers to lay in the doggy pool all summer.


Generation – F2 Groodle
Colour – Black
Size – Small
Height – Approximately 48cm to the tip of the shoulder
Weight – Approximately 20kg
DNA Testing – Yes
Temperament – Quiet, loving, happy, cuddly girl. She loves to be in the company of people, as well as with other animals. She is very gentle and adores children.


Generation – F1 Groodle
Colour – Red
Size – Small
Height – Approximately 50cm to the tip of the shoulder
Weight – Approximately 22kg
DNA Tested – Yes
Temperament – Highly intelligent. Absorbs all information. Loves a good play. Enjoys playing fetch. Honey loves the water. Always up for a cuddle.


Generation – F1 Groodle
Colour – Apricot
Size – Small
Height – Approximately 50cm to the tip of the shoulder
Weight – Approximately 21kg
DNA Tested – Yes
Temperament – Daisy is a dog who loves to be with us. She would do anything for a cuddle. Rather than chase a ball, she would watch others play and receive pats from us.


Generation – Poodle
Colour – Red
Size – Medium
Height – Approximately 45cm to the tip of the shoulder
Weight – Approximately 18kg
DNA Tested – Yes
Temperament – Buddy is a dog who can walk about freely without a lead. He always stands by our side. When the mood strikes him he will tap us with his paw asking for a cuddle. He is a very happy, sweet, angelic boy. A real goofball.


Generation – Poodle
Colour – Latte brown with white chest
Size – Miniature
Height – Approximately 40cm to the tip of the shoulder
Weight – Approximately 14kg
DNA Tested – Yes
Temperament – George is a boy who is happy to go with the flow. He very much follows the lead of people around him. If you want to cuddle he is happy to cuddle. He loves to bounce around and play. He is the perfect home dog.


Generation – Poodle
Colour – Red
Size – Miniature
Height – Approximately 35cm to the tip of the shoulder
Weight – Approximately 5kg
DNA Tested – Yes
Temperament – Teddy can be found during the day running around the property having fun and chasing insects. During the evening, you will find him sneaking onto the human bed sleeping on his back with his head on the pillow. He loves a good belly rub. If you stop rubbing his belly he gets up and nudges his head under our hand trying for more pats. He enjoys the simple things in life.

Our Facilities

At Happy Go Puppy Groodles we pride ourselves on creating a loving and warm environment for all of our dogs. To us, each and every one of our dogs are a part of our family. The safety and well being of our dogs and puppies is a high priority to us.

For our newborn pups they stay under the protection, love and care of their Mum. As they become more adventure-some we provide a safe puppy playpen with an abundant amount of space and toys.

Here are a few ways that we care for our pups and adult dogs:

  • Our adult dogs are well associated with children, families and other pets.
  • The living environment that we created for the pups is not safe and kept clean at all times.
  • Our adult dogs and pups have ample space to run around and play.
  • Our adult dogs and pups have an abundant amount of chew toys and other toys to play with.
  • Our pups and adult dogs are fed at regular intervals with quality pet food that is age appropriate.
  • All of our adult dogs and pups so our local veterinarian on a regular basis.

Ethical Standards

At Happy Go Puppy, we adhere to a strict Ethical Code of Practise and align ourselves with RSPCA’s breeder’s standards as well as Victorian Government, Breeding Domestic Animals Regulations. The Victorian Government requires you to be registered as a professional breeder and our Registration Number is DAB-BE-1901.  

State Governments create and enforce regulations to help protect the conditions under which animals are bred, kept, and presented for sale.

How Do We Breed Our Dogs Ethically?

The most important aspect is that we plan our puppies. We don’t breed our dogs unless we have homes for the puppies. That’s why we use a priority waiting list to register prospective new homes. These are also other factors we consider:

  • The adult dogs that we use are indeed actual mature adults. We ensure that they have reached full adult physical maturity prior to any breeding.
  • Our adult dogs are also DNA tested to ensure that we are providing the best possible pups.
  • We plan in advance our pairings and ensure we have enough good homes for the pups to go to.
  • A strict screening and interview process is conducted with the prospective families prior to the pups going to their new home.
  • To provide the best possible care to our pups and adult dogs we have a local veterinarian on standby for any situation that may arise.
  • Any pups that are not adopted will remain with us until such time as we find them a loving home.
  • Once our adult dogs retire from breeding they are adopted by a loving family if they don’t stay with us (we grow so attached that sometimes we just can’t say goodbye!).

We Genuinely Care For The Welfare Of Our Dogs

Our adult dogs are loved and homed with us so we can ensure the best possible care for our dogs and pups. We do not breed our Groodles for a particular look or colour as our focus is on the health of our dogs and our pups. These are the factors we consider:

  • Our mother and father Groodles stay with us as a member of our family.
  • When our adult dogs retire we find an adoptive family to welcome them into their home.
  • At Happy Go Puppy Groodles we never dock a Groodles tail or dewclaws removed.
  • To prevent puppy farms we provide a $100 desexing voucher if you have your puppy desexed within the first 12 months of its life.
  • All of our puppies are vet checked and vaccinated prior to them moving to their new home.

We Offer a Guarantee

Victorian state legislation requires a number of guidelines are followed in order to protect you as a consumer, and us as breeders. One of these guidelines is to ensure there is a guarantee for yourself as the purchaser for the puppy you have bought. Below is an excerpt from Agriculture Victoria’s, Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Businesses; 2014 (revised 2015),(5(1), pg 21);

 “Where an animal is returned to the business within 3 days of sale, for any reason not supported by a statement from a veterinary practitioner, the business must take back the animal and refund 75% of the purchase price. 

Where an animal is returned to the business within 21 days of sale accompanied by a statement from a veterinary practitioner that the animal is unacceptable for health reasons, the business must take back the animal and refund 100% of the purchase price.

If an animal is diagnosed with, suffering from, dies of, or is euthanized from a physical defect or disease that is traceable to the point of sale within 3 years of purchase, the business must refund 100% of the purchase price where the owner of the animal provides supporting statements from a veterinary practitioner, including test results where a suitable test is available. Owners of the animal must make veterinary reports and test results available to the breeder for the breeder to obtain their own veterinary advice (second opinion) for the purpose of informing future breeding management.

Test results and death certificates must be linked with the animal’s microchip number.”

All our puppies are vet checked before going to your home. We highly recommend you bring your puppy to your own vet within a week of bringing them home, in order to get a second opinion on your puppy’s health.

Should you have any questions regarding these legislations, please feel free to contact us. More importantly, please contact us as soon as possible if you notice any changes in your pet during the commitment period.

Adopting A Retired Dog

At Happy Go Puppy Groodles, we are regularly asked about what happens to our retired dogs. Rehoming our dogs is a lengthy process that we take seriously. We have loved and adored our adult dogs so we ensure that their new home will be 100% compatible to their needs.

In some circumstances, families prefer to adopt an adult dog to avoid the “puppy” phase so rehoming our retired dogs is a great solution. We usually have a waiting list for our retiring dogs and go through an extensive interview process with the prospective family.

If you are interested in adopting one of our much beloved and adored groodles then please click the button below and submit your details and we will get back to you.

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Priority Waiting List

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As our darling puppies are loved by so many families we ask that you provide your details so we can add you to our priority waiting list.

Thank you, Erin, and Happy Go Puppies for our beautiful Millie.  When we chose Millie, Erin initially sent us short videos so we could see what a little rascal we were getting. Erin then allowed us to visit with her several times prior to taking her home with so that we could bond with her.  It became quickly evident that Erin is a very caring and knowledgeable breeder.  Her main focus is the long-term happiness and welfare of her puppies.  

After having lost our Cavalier, Rosie, we thought nothing could replace her.  We were certainly wrong.  Our darling Millie has been the most wonderful addition to our family.  She brings us so much joy.

During our regular vet check-ups, our vet constantly comments on how good and solid Millie’s bone structure is, especially her knees.  She has a wonderful stance and brilliant teeth.  Millie is a highly intelligent puppy, quick to learn and easy to train.  She has a loving and gentle personality; coupled with a cheeky and energetic playful nature.  She loves to run and play fetch.

We highly recommend Erin and Happy Go Puppies to anyone that is seriously looking for a well-bred and healthy puppy.  Two of our friends have also bought puppies from Erin after seeing how wonderful Millie is.

Keep up the good work.

Andie and Stewart

We had a fantastic experience purchasing our puppy, Ralph, from Erin at Happy Go Puppy. Not only was the communication prior to collecting our new family member extensive and warm including photos, videos, and face time calls, the communication afterward from his health and welfare to toy recommendations and tips on how to keep him still for a photo was also so impressive. Ralph is a smart, playful but gentle Groodle who has toilet trained and learned other commands very very quickly. He loves to be around our children and be part of the family and will retrieve a ball for as long as you will throw it for him. We would not hesitate to recommend Happy Go Puppy and in fact, have done so to friends!  

Candice Perus

RSPCA Donation

We proudly support the RSPCA. For every sale, we donate a portion of the proceeds to RSPCA